We are soon to be rolling out IPv6 to customers using DHCPv6-PD over PPPoE. I am wondering if it is possible for Sonar to learn the current prefix that is assigned to the customer as a soft-assigned prefix? We would like to have a history of what prefixes are assigned to what customers at what times, like we have for IPv4.


We’re also looking to roll out IPv6. Tracking customer assignments in Sonar is important for us as well. I’d rather not use PPPoE, but it’s my understanding that it is the only way to track DHCPv6-PD assignments since the DUID isn’t able to be determined by the MAC.

For tracking through PPPoE, what piece is missing? Just a script that runs on the PPPoE server that notifies sonar similar to the DHCP script/batcher?


Yes - there is a binding script in MikroTik DHCPv6 server so that it can run the script when a subnet is assigned or unassigned. The binding script has a variable to hold the DHCPv6 server name, which in PPPoE is a dynamic server assigned the name of the customer’s PPP interface. The customer username can be extracted from this DHCPv6 server name by the script and then Sonar can be updated as a result.

Writing the script is easy enough, but it would require that Sonar add an endpoint to allow the update, like the endpoint that allows the DHCP script/batcher. I assume Sonar doesn’t have this endpoint right now and would need to add it.