DHCP - other than MT


What Sonar IPAM solutions exist when not using MT?

We are adding a UBNT’s ER Infinity into our network. It seems to be very powerful and is half the price of the MT 1072.

Our current setup has Sonar provisioning DHCP in various MT routers. However, our fiber is not going to be getting DHCP leases from a MT.


Incognito is the other option. There is no API to enable DHCP provisioning via a Ubiquiti ER currently.


We’ve built a LOT of CHR routers using pretty low cost hardware and ESXI. Currently have one handling 1.5gpbs of traffic. This box makes a pretty hefty router (and more) available for $1350.

Add $95 for license and if you need more fiber, $400 for an Intel 710 card. We have a number of these spread around the network now. YMMV JP