DHCP - other than MT


What Sonar IPAM solutions exist when not using MT?

We are adding a UBNT’s ER Infinity into our network. It seems to be very powerful and is half the price of the MT 1072.

Our current setup has Sonar provisioning DHCP in various MT routers. However, our fiber is not going to be getting DHCP leases from a MT.


Incognito is the other option. There is no API to enable DHCP provisioning via a Ubiquiti ER currently.


We’ve built a LOT of CHR routers using pretty low cost hardware and ESXI. Currently have one handling 1.5gpbs of traffic. This box makes a pretty hefty router (and more) available for $1350.

Add $95 for license and if you need more fiber, $400 for an Intel 710 card. We have a number of these spread around the network now. YMMV JP


What about ISC DHCP
It seems like that is one of the most popular solutions in use by ISPs.


Unless something has changed, they don’t have an API.


How much is incognito. We have a Cisco asr 9010 as well. Planning on rolling out Saisei for bandwidth management. Was looking at Bind for Dns. Suggestions?


I’m not sure how much they charge. I’d personally just use MikroTik unless there is a compelling reason not to - it’s well integrated and is inexpensive.


I am also looking into 6Connect.com Provision.

Not sure if you have looked into it.

It has a rest API and controls ISC DHCP, BIND DNS, BGP peering, IPAM, etc.


Well Ubiquiti UNMS supports API and atleast for us our entire backbone of edgemax is being monitored by it. Any chance you guys would take that route? The advantage of UNMS is it will give you access to Edgemax / Edgeswitch / Edgepower while also reduce the load of polling each device individually.

And while I agree deploying MT is inexpensive for someone with over 200 edgemax routers deployed its not an option.


UNMS has no API for configuring DHCP.


I am bringing all subscribers back to ASR 9000 series in multiple datacenters and running them as Route Reflectors. We use L3 switches with an ip infusion based os whitebox running on merchant Silicon for low latency, extreme high PPS and full wire speed performance. It costs us the same price or less as running a CCR 1032 or 1072, without the same Tik’isms and it gives us more capacity. We run iBGP, OSPF and Vxlans for service delivery. Is Sonar able to control Queues on Cisco? Planning to either do Procerra or Saisei for Bandwidth Management if not. I would rather not run Mikrotik, I like them but not at the scale for this project. I would rather go for a more carrier grade DHCP server that also supports clustering, etc. Incognito looks interesting. Would like to know more about your thinking.



also check the following links:



I plan to integrate Kea at some point, but we are fairly feature locked until v2 at this point. No Cisco integration unless you can use RADIUS.

The API and webhooks provide enough functionality that you could integrate another DHCP server with a third party developer if you need it sooner though. I know a couple of good ones if you need a reference.


We are looking at using port based radius on our switches. Either that or Saisei or both. How is the integration with Saisei?


Works fine, all the inline devices are essentially implemented using the same logic.


We are having a script written for ISC DHCP, we are currently in testing phase. This is a stop gap until Kea integration is done. Let me know if you are interested.


Any update on anything other than Mikrotik for DHCP? There doesn’t seem to be a good way to have redundant dhcp servers with Mikrotik other than implementing some sort of script and vrrp.

There seems to be an API for ISC DHCP



Reading that, it doesn’t look like it can do much (e.g. it says you can’t create new leases using it.) We don’t have any plans for other servers right now, but we’ll take a look again later this year. It is unlikely to ever be ISC though, due to the limitations provided, if we do something ISC like, it’s likely to be Kea.


We have a script for ISC DHCP. We have been using it for a year plus. We only run ISC DHCP servers in our network. Let me know if you are interested.