Data calculation


Is data usage calculated on both the data and management IPs? Management IP traffic should not be part of the usage calculation if so.

Management traffic is software updates to the equipment, network monitoring, and administrative access. These are our RFC addresses.

Data interface traffic is what the client is using. These are the client public IP addresses.


Our instance seems to use only our freeRadius as a data source for data usage.


Depends where it’s coming from. How are you delivering it? In most cases, you have the ability to determine what data you provide to Sonar.


Netflow from the routers.


OK. If you can exclude data from your own management space, that’s one way. The other one is to turn on whitelist mode on your Netflow endpoint inside Sonar and define the subnets you want to collect data for, Sonar will discard the rest.


I feel like this would be better to have a blacklist list where I can put our management subnet and then have it process everything else…