Daisy-Chaining & Workflows


We are trying to develop a workflow that would allow us to track what phase an account is in from lead to network buildout activities to installation. Different parties within in our org need to ‘own’ the account at different stages.

When one group completes their tasks, we’d like to automatically change the status of the account and then ‘forward’ the account to the next responsible party…

It seems to me that the JOB is the one item that has the greatest ability to ‘TRIGGER’ tickets, acct status, etc.

Has anyone successfully automated this type of daisy chain / workflow?


We do change status when a job is completed. I think there are multiple ways to trigger tickets and status changes and you can create a ticket when you change the status and assign it to a group. The ability to do this is in the Job Types under Scheduling at the bottom of each job type when you edit.

Happy to walk through what we are doing by phone. Might trigger some ideas for you. Hit me on email: martha@dcaccess.net