Customer updating their own MAC in portal


We need a way for customers to be able to update their own router MAC address in the portal.

As it stands, if they go buy a new router, they have to wait until we are in the office and then call to give us the new info. Usually they buy their new router on a weekend.

Until the MAC is updated, they do not have access. Having some kind of captive portal that tells them what’s going on and what they need to do, or something similar, would be most helpful.

Our client fiber modems are bridged and only known MACs get access. This is why the client’s ability to update their info would be great.


Option 82 is your friend here. We recently switched over to using it on our bridged segments and it has been an absolute life saver. We are now testing it on switches in our MDUs.


I haven’t used Option 82, and I can’t find anything in the UBNT OLT/ONU that supports it.

I’m also not sure how that would update the setting in the network section of Sonar. When we add a device, it gets added as Non-inventoried MAC address. In there, we have to enter the MAC address.

Not arguing, love the suggestion, just don’t see all of the pieces yet.


UBNT gear may not support Option 82. The way Option 82 works is you add the bridge hardware to the customer’s inventory (the ONU, subscriber module, etc) and then any device the customer attaches to that is automatically added to Sonar for that customer (with some scripting in your Mikrotik or other router). Sonar walks you through it if you use Mikrotik but your hardware vendor needs to support Option 82…


Which gets back to … We need a captive portal type solution where clients can update their non-inventoried MAC address.


This is how it works.

It’s absolutely the best approach, as nobody has to update anything (you, or the customer.) There aren’t any plans for a self updating portal on the roadmap right now, but you could easily have a 3rd party dev do this with the existing portal if you wanted to.


Apparently UBNT fiber gear does support Option 82 at the ONU level. The option setting was in a place that I didn’t expect.

Will test that out.