Customer portal ticketing - Planning


Will the customer portal eventually allow the client to select the type of problem? This could help the system put the ticket into the right group. with a small number of clients this doesn’t seem like much of an issue for someone to sort them. However, it seems like a major time consuming task when there are high quantities of tickets.

The more that the customer can accurately classify their help request, the better it is for the support team.

Having access to a FAQ in the ticketing system would be helpful too.


I don’t have any specific plans for changes to the portal right now, but happy to take feature requests. Adding a FAQ could be done pretty easily today by customizing the basic pages that are there to meet your needs, but we can look at adding some kind of simple wiki or something similar down the road.



I was working on fixing the ticketing section of the .env and it got me thinking. That’s why I brought it up.


I too have a client that would like to have the customer select a ticketing group upon creation of a ticket as they’d like it more granular than subject / description when someone submits a ticket. It would be great to have a select box where non-private Ticket Groups from their Sonar installation are available for the customer to select when they are creating a ticket. Examples might be, General Inquiry, Billing Support, Technical Support.

It looks like this might be something that is supported based on reviewing the TicketController.php in portal/app/Http/Controllers by changing the ticket_group_id to not pull from the config and instead be the result of a $request->input(‘ticket_group’) after modifying the /portal/resources/views/pages/tickets/create.blade.php to include a select box named ‘ticket_group’, could it not? I could always just hard code it for now with those options as long as the corresponding group id exists in Sonar.

Just not sure how it could be dynamic and pull public ticket groups from the Sonar install. I’m guessing that’s where the feature request comes in.