Customer Portal - Remove French


Is there any way to remove the french option for the pre-built customer portal? Also, is there a way for us to enable or provide translations to Spanish?



Not without modifying the underlying source code, which is all available. If you’d like to contribute a Spanish translation, we can add it to the portal though.


There should be a way to enable or disable translations in the portal without modifying the source.

This may not be critical at this point, but as more translations become available, it will make more sense to intentionally choose translations for your target audience.


What’s the downside of them being in the drop down?

  1. Unnecessary options - It is good not to have unnecessary options that may result in accidental selection by a click happy customer.

  2. Local identity - People seem to want some “local” feeling with the businesses. That is part of why our customers come to us. I think having translations that are not standard in your area does not suggest “we are supportive of any language”… rather it gives the feel of a wide spread non-local business.

That’s all I can think of right now.


My thoughts on that would be that it’s hard to know what the native language of all your customers is, regardless of the area you’re in, so removing the ability for them to use a portal in a language they’re more comfortable in seems to be a net negative.

It’s feasible to add some configuration options to limit the languages if it’s really important, but it’s pretty low on the list of development priorities right now.


I understand your thoughts, but I disagree. Thinking about it, I don’t believe either one of us has a strong argument for why it should or should not be… it is mostly speculation. Which suggests to me there should be a choice (that does not involve custom coding).

This is low on my priority list. There are a pile of things I think are more important, and even very important. I just figured I’d reply to the thread while it was active.


I also wanted to remove the language option from the customer portal - personally I don’t want a language drop-down unless all of the languages I would want are available.

I did some messing around and found you can achieve this by removing the language folder from /usr/share/portal/resources/lang

What I did was:

  1. move this diectory to a backup location outside the /usr/share/portal/resources/lang directory.
  2. re-ran “php /usr/share/portal/artisan config:cache” and “php /usr/share/portal/artisan optimize”.

refreshed the portal in my web browser and the language drop down is gone.


Most browsers should be able to translate to your native language.


This is the best reason. Having only English available in the US is generally reasonable or understood. Having English + French as you enter a Spanish speaking area in the US does not seem ideal.


Looks like Version 2 of the customer portal will not have the drop-down :wink: