Customer portal from v1 to v2


We are planning to change the customer portal from v1 to v2. I just want to see any ones option or experience with it. Any bugs or issues we may see and to expect?


I was able to successfully upgrade to v2 and I did not perform the setup for the initial customer portal. The only issue I experienced was not setting up the user with the full permissions that is required in the Sonar instance on (, by not doing so correctly I was not able to use the authentication key to finish setting up the portal via (http://CustomerPortalUrl/settings). Other than that I have heard from our billing department that they like the aesthetics more than the previous portal.


That user gets you every time! Took us a minute to figure out what was going on, too.


made a test server and it got use too.


Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure I helped iron out most of the bugs when I deployed ours a few months ago :joy: