Customer Portal - Complete signup and scheduling


We are looking into fully automating sign-up of a new potential fixed wireless customer.

(1) Customer creates account
(2) Gather customer info (name, address, etc)
(3) Check for path feasibility
(4) If link is possible (based on path check), present wireless speed packages to customer
(5) Customer selects speed package
(6) Live sonar schedule check for available install dates/times
(7) Customer selects date/time and it will appear in the Sonar scheduling
(8) Confirmation email, etc…

Has anyone created such portal add-on in Sonar?
…or is there a commercial add-on someone has written and is selling?

For the Sonar folks: Is something like that in the works?



We have. Our business model works a little differently (we only have one speed package and such), but our new portal does all of the on-boarding automation and support as well. We’re currently working to develop native mobile apps off it.


Was it all done within the Sonar supported framework, or did you use a different platform?


WE completely wrote our own that interacts with Sonar’s API.