Customer Portal can't see linked accounts

I was hoping by implementing the customer portal that people with multiple addresses and thus multiple accounts would be able to pay all their bills with one login. However, I tested this with a couple of test accounts and I can only see the master account when I log in. Is this is the case? If so, please change this to a suggestion. We have customers who right now pay all their accounts on one bill and this will be a huge nightmare for them to have different logins for each account.

if they pay the master invoice, it will automatically trickle down to the child accounts.

so they go into the portal and pay the master account and then it charges them for the other accounts? But they don’t have a record of how much they owe or are being charged? It only shows the master account total.

If it only shows the master total, that means child invoices aren’t linked to the master invoice shown. The linking only happens once automatic billing runs. You can’t create a manual invoice and link child invoices.

Why not? Our first invoice is always a manual invoice.

That’s just not the way it works today, it’s the automatic billing process that links them together.

so what if I pay one total for all the invoices on this persons account but I can’t see the other linked invoices? Will I be able to apply the payments or some sort of “journal entry” to move the payments around?


Might be easier to call in and walk through some scenarios - it’s a bit hard to describe through text without some real examples.

left a message for my other two issues. Waiting for a call back. I’ll add this to the list.

I have a somewhat related issue: customer can’t pay for both accounts with one payment via the portal.

I may have solved my own question, but would someone kindly confirm this is the correct solution?

I believe I had the master and child accounts switched, and the customer was logging into the child account to make the payment.

I changed that, making the account she logs into the master account.

Will she now be able to make one payment that is applied to each of the accounts appropriately? This is the goal.

@Lori_Collins Yes, but you can’t see or pay anything that was on the account previously. They will only be able to pay new invoices.

Best to take payment and close out any old invoices and then move forward. If they have a credit card on file you can charge it manually