Customer-Level Service Data Rate Override

I looked and didn’t see one. Is there any way to set a customer’s data service speed at the customer level and not the plan level?

I don’t want to be claiming 24 meg ADSL service if they’re only able to get 10.

We don’t bill differently for different speeds on ADSL, nor do we rate limit. Get whatever the plant will let you have. This means not a ton of service plans with varying data rates.

If not, there should be a speed override just like there’s a price override.

We would like an answer to this as well.
We do something similar for our unlimited plans, some get 100mbps, some get 900mbps, impossible to say which from the plan that they are on

Can you tell me what the use case for this would be?

Well, as I stated in my original post, it would be a means to correctly set the line capacity for regulatory reporting. I wouldn’t want to make the claim of having a 24 meg ADSL2+ customer at 15k feet when they’re likely to only get 10 meg.

Also, it would be good for setting short-term higher speeds on a wireless network from 10 megs to 15 or 20 during COVID19.