Customer Changing Addresses


When a customer moves to a new location we have to install service at the new location and pull equipment at the old location. We want to keep the history of the customer in tact. What is the best way to put the two addresses in the account until the equipment is pulled from the old address.


This is basically the same question I have, but no one answered @Lisa_Ramlow1

we’ve been creating a new account whenever the name on the account changes or the person moved to a new location. I’m trying to decide if this is the best course of action or if we should change our processes.

Is there anything new coming out that we should consider? Where can I find out what changes will be made to accounts and how they relate to addresses in 2.0? Currently we like to know when an address has been installed previously and when so we can determine if we need another site survey or not. If its within a year, we don’t do another survey. Also, the customer history is in tact.




I feel like 2.0 is on the UBNT “soon” timeline.


I never said 2.0 is coming “soon” :wink: It is still many months out. We’ll release more details about what’s changing once more things are finalized.



It’s release is scheduled to coincide with the release of Mikrotik ROS 7.



And this is why fixed service providers need billing systems where customers and facilities are tied to addresses and not the other way around.

Addresses remain fixed. Facilities seldom change. Customers frequently change.

When a customer moves, simply move them to the new address that’s already built. Now you know their pay history, if you want to keep them, trouble history, copyright violation history, etc.

The service record history should remain with the address for managing network issues.

And more.