Create Account Cancelation Report

I’m looking for the ability to create a churn report, or account cancelation. We are in v.1, and I see a report for activated accounts, but not canceled.

It’s important to track this, as well as the reasons. Am I missing this someplace?

@Lori_Collins, I had great luck emailing Support and requesting a couple reports that weren’t in the prepopulated list. Give them a shout. They are super helpful over there. =)

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Good luck, we asked for the same report in V2 and was told they couldn’t figure out how to make it.

@Lori_Collins Every time I have asked for a report from Support in V1, I have gotten it. You do have to make sure you let them know fields and statuses you want included and test it. But it’s relatively quick turn around.
I have a cancellations report in V1, so they should be able to copy that.

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As long as you are on V1, we should be able to get this report created for you. Please send us an email to to get this process started.

This is not supported in V2 as of yet, but it will definitely come sometime in the future. We are definitely working on this.

Thanks all for the comments. I will send a request to Support as suggested.