Coordinating transfers


I’m curious to hear what others are doing to handle service transfers. By that I mean when a customer moves to a new location. We will often install the new service at the new location, and change the install location in Sonar. However we also need to schedule an equipment pick-up at the old location and take care of the inventory items installed there. Since the customer install address is now changed, it’s not straightforward to make that change. How do others handle this? Do you create a second account for the new location and lose the history attached to the original account? Other ideas?


I’ve been asking for this type of functionality since the initial roll out.

Good news is that Sonar 2.0 is making this easier. Equipment is not going to be tied to the person. Equipment is going to be tied to the place. Therefore, when a person moves, it doesn’t affect the asset location.


We don’t currently track inventory, but we do pick up equipment and reuse. At this point we create a new account for the new location and close the old location. Otherwise you can’t track where the customer was previously which we like to do.


When is Sonar 2 coming? What other features will it have?


It’ll be a few months yet. I’ll make a big post about it as we get closer.


What’s coming in 1.5 vs 2?


There’ll be a public post about it as we get closer, still working on it.