Controlling delinquency and shutoffs


Please add a way to control the delinquency and shutoff days.

We would prefer not to have shutoffs on FRI-SUN. This prevents frustration for those getting home on Friday only to find out that they’ve been disabled and will be for the weekend because they assume it’s an internet connection problem and don’t (for many reasons) even check the portal to make a payment.

Would also like to be able to specify days we’ll be closed, such as holidays or some other days we need to have the office closed. Could also apply to having the person who processes payments being out for one reason or another.


You can already do this by creating delinquency holidays and defining the delinquency days in Sonar. Please hit up support and they can walk you through it.


Hey Steven,
As Simon mentioned, you can accomplish this by clicking on Financial from the left hand menu bar, then going to delinquency exclusions. From here you can enter in which days to exclude accounts from going delinquent or which days have Sonar check delinquency status.
Feel free to give us a call at (702) 447 1247 if you have any questions. If you want to dial me personally I am available at ext 1018.