Container or VM: Portal, Poller, Batcher, RADIUS, etc


There are several tools Sonar has created or facilitated to work with the main system. I currently have the portal and pollers running as VMs. I am experimenting with containers (Using Proxmox), and I’m curious to know:

Is a container or a VM the preferred deployment method for each of the main Sonar components?

Specifically the:

  • Portal
  • Poller
  • Batcher
  • RADIUS server


Doesn’t really matter, as long as they have enough resources.


We are also using ProxMox. We set our pollers up as containers. CPU Usage and Memory Usage are minimal. 4 CPUs and 4GBs of RAM are plenty for pollers.


My Sonar Pollers aren’t doing much, but they are happy very few resources. One is even on an antique laptop since it turned out the rack depth didn’t fit our typical server…

Thanks for the info. I’m going to try containers for each of them (probably leave the Portal alone for now) and move on.