Client Portal in plain PHP


Does anyone have a version of the Client Portal that was written in plain PHP. I find the Laravel/Blade MVC framework to be SO convoluted for the simplistic thing its doing. I will just write it if I have to but I was hoping maybe someone already put in the effort.

Thanks in advance,


Upon second review its really not as difficult as I first thought. Laravel is still very convoluted but I understand why its an amazing development framework am thankful for not having to rebuild and still having access to a customizable client portal. +1 for SONAR.

For the next person:
Views (blade templates): /resources/views/…
Routes: /routes/web.php
Controllers: /app/Http/Controllers/…

I achieved my simple customization and I hope this helps the next person.

#3 - most of the series here are good at getting you started!