Chrome Update vs Map


As @simon mentioned, this has been fixed in Sonar 1.7.37. Maps and Elevation functions load correctly now. A couple of customers have mentioned loading wheels spinning endlessly when clicking on certain page elements. If you encounter this, clearing the browser cache after upgrading Sonar resolves this.



Looks like we still have an issue with Chrome. We are running the 1.7.37 of Sonar, but just this afternoon my maps stopped loading. I am running Chrome Version 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit). Maps do not work in incognito mode, either. Other browsers, such as IE, do work. In Chrome, when viewing an address or viewing the map in general, it just shows a gray screen.

I did try clearing my cache several times, and I cleared cookies. I also re-started the browser several times.


And now it randomly works again . . . I didn’t do anything and it just worked again. Weird.


The map did not load at all? or the dots? Ours has been working fine today. :man_shrugging:


For me, the entire window where the map should have been was just gray