Change status from delinquent to active if balance paid via portal

Is Sonar able to automatically change a customers account status from “delinquent” to “active” if the customer pays a balance due via the portal? If so, how can I make sure I have set that up.

If the status is still Active, and their invoices are delinquent, once the delinquent invoices are paid off, the delinquency status will be taken off of their account. This is all done automatically and you should not have to setup anything to make this work.

Thanks Saied. I was not specific enough in my question: this would be if the account has been deactivated for non-payment (which is one of our statuses and behaves like a suspension or cancellation). Will the system change their status to “active” if they make a payment via the portal? Or how would we be informed that they have done so in order to reactivate the account?

I’m sure the inactive status to active needs to be manually changed

which is why we do not allow accounts to automatically be changed into inactive status. Use delinquency address lists detemine the service being off, rather than inactive account status.

Ah I see what you mean now. As others have pointed out, if they pay their bill the status of the account does not change. The only thing will be that delinquency will be taken off of their account.
Feel free to send us a ticket at if you want to talk about this further.