Cannot create tickets in portal


I set up the API user according to the directions “API_USERNAME - Set this to the username of a user in your Sonar instance with account create, read, update, and delete permissions, and ticket create, read, and update permissions”, but users cannot create tickets.

Error: Failed to create ticket. Please try again later.


That won’t be to do with the API user. It will be to do with the ticket configuration section of the portal .env file, which is detailed at

If you can’t get it working, please shoot an email to support and we can look at it for you.


I’ll re-check when I get in, but I’m pretty certain that I did set those options to enabled.


It’s likely to be the inbound account ID, responsible user ID, or group ID that are the problem. If any are invalid, you won’t be able to create tickets.


Not to revive a zombie thread, but the docs say you need group OR ticket ID, however, I can’t get it to work with just the group ID specified.