Can you trigger email notifications for change in customer STATUS?

We currently organize all leads, site surveys, NLOS and LOS leads via the customer “Status” field in sonar.

The CSR takes the call and adds the new customer in sonar as a “Survey Needed Lead”

A field tech manually looks in sonar each day (when they remember) to see what new “Survey Needed Leads” are added. From there the tech changes the status to either “LOS Lead” or “NLOS Lead”.

Can we create notifications so when the tech changes the status to NLOS or LOS, it will send an email back to the CSR to then contact the customer with the results? Or, it could even trigger a customizable email directly to the customer.

This would REALLY streamline the office work from the customer phone call to getting them hooked up.

Not currently, but we do have this on the list for a future enhancement.

Thanks for the info!

Any rough timeline for something like this? 2017? First half or 2nd half? Q1?

Trying to setup some standard procedures in our staff to handle the growing number of calls and signups.


Tough to say right now, our roadmap for 2017 is pretty comprehensive and a lot of little things get moved around. I’ll post some more specifics as we move through it.

There are several valid use cases to have triggered tickets based on a service setting - for instance voice products that done have an automatic network activation/deactivation. For that matter any service that does not automatically activate/deactivate. Triggered tickets would provide the appropriate heads-up to staff to activate or deactivate the service.

The delinquent report handles one side somewhat but this report tells you everyone that has deactivated and, so far, we’re not sure how to tell if a specific service has deactivated. As well, we aren’t aware of a report that can handle when a service has become active after payment. This is a pretty critical use-case for any service that doesn’t have automation.