Billing Transaction History

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I need a report that can be printed by customer for [Date Range] that will show a chronological list of all transactions (invoices/payments/etc).
I can see all the transactions in the billing tab on a customer account. I just need a printable report.

I’ve been in touch with Sonar support and was told that this report is impossible.

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Hi Brian,

I think this is a good idea as a feature as well, but our support team never said this was impossible. What we did say is that if you want this to be something the customer can control, enabling the detailed transactions in the portal might be a better solution than a custom report today.

I have voted this up as well, but just for the record there are options today. If you’d like we can discuss this more in private.

Thanks for the up-vote, Alex.

You are right. You never said it was impossible. You did indicate it “is not very easy to print or export this transaction history from Sonar.” You offered to get the report for me. While appreciate that gesture (and the customer service), I really want to be able to get a report without having to contact support. =)

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Has anything like this been implemented since this thread was made? We get a few people around tax time that want printouts and we have to copy/paste them into excel and re-format (it’s a pain). We can filter the Transactions Log, but I don’t see a way to export it to a csv like in other areas of Sonar.