Billing Annoyance


This is the sort of little thing that is so annoying in this product - how does everyone else handle this?

I have a client with a $50 service and a $10 monthly credit - an invoice is created for $40 - works great.

Something happens where I need to delete that invoice, but alas you cannot delete it so instead you “reverse the invoice” - which then leaves the customer with a $10 credit - which they should not have as it was only a courtesy discount for the invoice which no longer exists.

You go into the transactions where the credit is and try to “reverse” it but that doesn’t work because “it has been used to reconcile a voided invoice”.

So now I have to create a new charge for $10 to apply the credit to void it out of the system. WHY? The $10 credit should just be deleted as it shouldn’t apply to anything.



We need to be able to erase/eradicate/delete/nuke certain things.



The flow should not be that way if you voided the invoice. Please hit up support for help and we’ll take a look.


support email sent so you can follow up via support


I agree. I created new accounts and made errors on the billing. I deleted things in the wrong order and then I ended up with a credit. All of these changes end up on the invoice and confuse the customer so I re-created the customer account but the system won’t allow me to remove the old customer. account because it had a transaction. Now I have several accounts that are not in use that I can’t delete. I asked support to delete them and was told it’s not possible. We need the ability to delete whatever we want.