Baicells LTE customer monitoring


I just deployed LTE using Baicells equipment. We use PPPoE on our network and LTE is not truly Layer2 so I setup L2TP in the CPE to connect to our edge router. This is great because it appears as PPPoE in sonar. My question is how are others monitoring CPE connection status in sonar and showing the customer on the correct tower?


My experience is limited. We just deployed our 2nd eNB. LTE is just not WiFi, so I feel really stupid sometimes. Due to the absence of VLANs, I really can’t use Sonar to monitor the CPEs (like the rest of my world). I heard they’re working on a fake Layer2 solution for later this year. That would fix a lot of my issues.

I’m also interested in what others are using to organize their LTE stuff…