Are any of you using Avalara? I’m finding it extremely difficult to work with. What transaction and service types are you using?


Their support should be walking you through picking the appropriate options. Hit up our support team if you’re not getting what you need and they can help engage them.


Sonar has asked a couple times if they could help and of course Avalara responds the next day so I never call on the Sonar guys to help, but it seems much more of a courtesy response from Avalara instead of actually wanting to help. It took about 6 weeks to get a call to actually talk about stuff. We’ll see how quickly they come back with questions.

The responses they gave were also very much like what you’d hear back from your opponent’s attorney.

It also seems like in my digging through it that people either aren’t using Avalara or aren’t using Avalara correctly. Hopefully when Avalara responds to my messages, I’ll know where to go from there.

As the Avalara process has been a giant pain in the ass, I will be putting together some sort of set of instructions for new Avalara implementations in Sonar. I can put that wherever appropriate so the next guy doesn’t have such a struggle.


That would be great! If you let me know who you’re working with over there, I will get in touch with someone as well to help expedite.


I just got everything set up with them and it was pretty painless, although the integration guy took ~2 weeks to get back with me. I already had everything set up in Sonar so I just flipped the switch on and it started working.


we are about to implement Avalara in 2 weeks time so will give our input then


After working with Avalara, unless there’s some magic happening behind the scenes in Sonar (which seems unlikely, given that they’ve spelled it out other places), any ISPs offering voice services are using Avalara incorrectly.

There needs to be bundles of tax types submitted as different taxes are assessed on different things. Some are per-line, some are per-minute, some are per-invoice, while others are just based on the dollar amount. I’m sending my needs over to the Sonar staff in charge of my implementation shortly to see what we can do about that. I assume Sonar won’t just take me at my word (they shouldn’t) and will need to verify what I’m reporting from my Avalara contact with Avalara to make sure I haven’t been led down the wrong path… and then they’ll need to implement those changes.


Some of this does happen behind the scenes. Send in what you have and we’ll see if there’s anything missing.


I just dropped it in the Teamwork project. Justin Graham and Jimmy Thomson are working on my migration.