Avalara Reporting


Is there any way to report on the Avalara tax types?

That would be very useful in FCC Form 499 filing.


The same tax reports work inside Sonar. Avalara also has a lot of reporting built in. What are you looking for that you can’t find?


I can mostly build the numbers from other reports (I believe), but it’s not as easy as if it presented it to me by the transaction and service types defined.

For example, I have residential and business voice services. I have voice services provided over POTS, VoIP, and hosted PBX (which may just be under VoIP as far as 499 is concerned). 499 cares about local vs. interstate and circuit switched vs. VoIP.

Conveniently, Avalara has us put in all of this work when creating the services in Sonar. Until either platform (Sonar or Avalara) has 499 reporting functionality, I have to do this by hand. If Sonar could report on the Avalara transaction\service combinations, I could tell someone else which transaction\service combinations to add up to by line X on the 499. Compliance is then a lot easier.

Pages 56 - 59 are what I’m trying to solve.


You can’t get this out of Avalara? The taxes are reported inside Sonar with the names provided by Avalara, but we don’t map those in the report to the Avalara tax types. I would be surprised if they don’t provide this themselves though.