Autopay Discount?


Is there some way to automatically apply a discount for customers using auto-pay (and remove it if they turn off auto-pay)? We would love to be able to do this.


We are looking to be able to take this one step further. Discount for auto pay using eCheck and debit payments, but not for regular CC. Charging regular CC the CC processing fee.


Can you think of a way to make this work in invoice based system like Sonar?

Customer has an invoice for $100. They pay by CC and you want to charge them $5 extra. Where does the $5 charge go? You can’t modify the invoice if it’s passed a closing accounting period.


For the CC fee you’d have to apply it on a forward basis. I don’t care about that though, this is conflating issues.

(EDIT: I think I was confused here, you don’t want to apply the fee if they pay with CC, you want to apply a discount depending on auto-payment method right?)

I want the invoices to just show the auto-pay discount as long as auto-pay is enabled when the invoice is posted. there might be a few edge cases where it gets applied inappropriately like if the customer then disables auto-pay but I’m not super concerned about that.


I guess if the auto-pay discount is only applied for some payment types (eCheck and debit) then the discount would simply not be applied on the invoice for CC users.

However, the system doesn’t distinguish from CC and debit cards, right?

I suppose if you wanted selectivity like this you could have in settings:

[   ] apply discount for auto-pay?
 ___ Discount amount in dollars
 ___ Discount amount in %

   Check payment types to apply discount for:
  [   ] Credit Card
  [   ] Debit Card
  [   ] eCheck / ACH