API - 'system/services' permissions problem


Added the ‘Read’ permission for access to ‘System’ in the role of my customer portal user.
but when I hit the endpoint in the API I get error 403-forbidden
API: /api/v1/system/services
response ‘403-forbidden’:

"error": {
        "message": 403,
        "status_code": 403

The API endpoint works if I use one of my superusers to access the endpoint.

The description of ‘System’ in the role permissions menu says:

Allow access to all items under the "System" menu, excluding the items under the "Core" heading, "Roles", "Users", and "Integrations".

so it should allow ‘Services’ correct?


No, services are moved to financial in the app. The API wasn’t updated to not break existing functionality.


OK, adding read access to the ‘financial’ role made the end point work.
Thanks @simon