API Code storage


Not sure if I’m saying this correctly, but we had a consultant create a link for us with the API from Sonar to our CRM (InfusionSoft). The API code currently resides on his server. Since we are getting out of the server business, does anyone know if we can house this on a cloud server (Digital Ocean etc)? Also, any idea how easy it is to move? The consultant will probably help us, but we haven’t asked yet.




It sounds like he’s created a polling connector between the SONAR API and InfusionSoft’s API.

I would be careful hosting something like this on a box you will eventually forget about. (which is what happens when servers are working properly). These types of services become attack vectors on boxes that don’t routinely receive maintenance and security updates.

Is there any reason you can’t use you sonar polling server to complete this task?


So I’m not versed in this, but we used the Sonar API to create the link between Sonar and Infusionsoft. If we use DigitalOcean, they should be doing the maintenance and security updates, right?
Regarding the polling server, not sure what that is or that we have one. I thought the polling server was only for monitoring or provisioning.


DigitalOcean simply provisions and hosts your virtual machine, its up to you to maintain and update hte operating system and software you install on it.

and as per the question, unless you have connected infusionsoft directly to sonar’s API or vise versa, then there is some type of middleman doing the work:

The API code currently resides on his server.

Your polling server is probably a linux box (or virtual one) doing the monitoring in your network, its is completely capable of serving your API middleman script and it would probably take you guy a couple minutes to set a crontask for you on it.