An update on Sonar v2


Target is still the end of Q2 - we’ll keep you in the loop as things progress!


What time frame is your quarters on?


Not sure what you mean, but Q1 would be Jan - Mar, Q2 would be Apr - Jun, Q3 would be Jul - Sept, Q4 would be Oct - Dec.


That’s exactly what I was asking :slight_smile: I have found a few companies that has Q1 starting in June for some reason. Thanks.


We’re getting closer to the start of beta for v2 - stay tuned, we’ll have a questionnaire going out that will help us collect info on the features you’re currently using so that we know at which stage we can bring each of you in.


Looking forward to progress!


Is there any update on this.


Things are still progressing as mentioned above - we’ve started the roll out into a production environment, and we’re slowly bringing customers in to beta that are using the features we have finished. Still aiming for a full release in Q3 for everyone. We already have a list of beta customers we’re working with, but we’ll get the questionnaire out if we need more!


Do you have a and updates on the full feature set that will be in 2.0. in regards to Quoting system, Stabilizing and adding to the network monitoring. etc. While the new look is impressive and we are excited to see it. We are more excited about the feature set that will come with 2.0 as most of the features we have been a part of in discussions are (in theory) suppose to be released in this Exciting and Highly anticipated release.


Not yet, but we’ll be talking about it more once 2.0 is available!


well if you need more Beta Customers let me know. We are ready. Thank you


us too


Q3 - July / Sept. …

So more like Q4?


We have customers live on v2 in production now. We’re still testing and slowly moving forward, we’ll be bringing more people into it shortly.


so more like next year. Deadlines are moveable after all — Sarcastic.


So More like Q1 next year ??


Not at all… as I mentioned above, we have customers live on v2 now. We’ll be bringing more people into it shortly.


Ready when you are.


We are about to start coding some things to utilize the API and we would really like to start that on the new version so we don’t have to go back and re-code the integration. What is the current timeline looking like? We would love to get on the “short list”.

Thanks, Jesse


We’ll be talking about these specifics in Vegas at WISPAPALOOZA, and posting more details up directly after that.