Alphanumeric Customer ID's


We’ve encountered great banking issues with people picking the wrong payee and mixing up our companies. We go through our different banks and find mixed customer id’s between the two software packages we use. Both software packages started at ID 1 and climbed from there. So we can’t tell which actual customer ID the payments are for.

We want to either a) Increase ALL of our customer ID’s to 6 digits or more so that they are much larger than our other software or b) Insert an alpha code at the start IE: C1001 or B1001 etc.

Is there any chance of this happening or are customer ID’s locked into place? Or will we need a query to update all customer ID’s to append or prepend several digits?


No, it’s not possible.


We can increase the number on the ID’s going forward but any way to change the existing customers by adding 100k to it?


No, the existing ones are stuck.


but but but but… ok …