Address information required for one time payment [API]


Hey Sonar Community,

I noticed one time CC payments require the address fields to be filled out. These fields should be optional as payment processors such as stripe don’t require that information and it’s a hassle to ask for all this information just to submit a payment. Would it be okay to submit default address data along with the rest of the info? Does this address data reflect in Sonar?

Thanks in advance.


It is sent to the payment processor. If they don’t care about it, you can send anything.


Hey Simon,

Although stipe does take that information it is not a required option and can be simply left null. Would be really helpful if the same was done for the sonar API.



It’s required for some providers, so we don’t modify our API logic based on the processor enabled - it makes the documentation (and implementation) pretty complex.


As I’ve noticed in other parts of the documentation there are some things that are optional but have a note saying e.g “if this is enabled then this field is required”. For the price you pay for Sonar I do expect some basic usability things like this.


Yeah, that is more our logic than integration logic though. It’s unlikely this part of the API is going to change, as there are a lot of providers we have to deal with and keeping up to date on what each of them requires as time goes on is pretty complex, and it doesn’t feel like this is a huge barrier to entry. Often there are various config options they have available that change the data required as well, and it’s just not really feasible to enumerate all those options and figure out what can and can’t be sent, which is why we just require what is most common/standard for most providers.


Looks like you can disable the address verification though so that you can just submit a default one. Found this by Googling - I don’t have a Stripe account I can verify this on, but if you disable the address rules, I’d guess it will let you bypass it.


Seeing I have to enable “process payments unsafely” for Sonar to work with Stripe, the Stripe Radar feature is automatically disabled.


OK. Might be worth reaching out to them and see if there’s another solution - that would probably be the quickest path to resolve.