Add Custom Invoices


Hey guys,

We’d like to add a custom footer to our invoices that contain our payment details and terms, we have looked for such existing functionality within Sonar but have not been able to find it/doesn’t meet our existing needs.

We had this functionality in Ubiquit’si UCRM. Our partner ISP noted this was a custom feature we’d need to request from Sonar as they currently have it in their instance.

We’d like it to have our bank details and payment terms, and we’d like their bank reference to be whatever their invoice number is. Adding to this we used to be able to customise the invoice to show their custom id instead of their account number which we’ve made a field for under “Custom Fields”

Any assistance on how to set this up would be appreciated and would make our UCRM -> Sonar changeover much easier


There is no way to do this currently Jake, but you can reach out to support to discuss and see if they can help you find a workaround.


We would like this also.