Active/Inactive Status Change


If an account status is changed from active to inactive for example - there is no way that we can see to identify that change via the system - no triggered email or report. You can report on “Accounts Activated” but nothing for any other status change - or am I missing something?

If an active account status were changed to anything other than active by accident for example there is no way to quickly identify that, which means an active client would not be billed.


Hey Ryan,
I do think this is something we can build using custom reports. If you can email us at and I will do my best to get you a report.


Is there somewhere we can see all the custom reports that have been created and load onto our system if we see the same need?


All custom reports we have made for you can be viewed by clicking on reports on the left hand side and scrolling all the way down to the custom report section. If you need a specific custom report added to your instance please email us at and we’ll do our best to make this report for you.