ACH and credit card processors


Anyone using / happy with CardConnectt or BluePay for ACH and credit card processing? We are looking for some lower fee options, especially around the ACH side of the house (where most of our customers prefer to pay). I have reached out to IPPay 3 times and never gotten any information back. We have used Authorize.Net but the fees there are pretty high. I don’t have experience with CardConnect or BluePay. Thoughts? Experiences? Integrate well? Auto reconcile nicely? I hope to find something as hands off as possible.


I used bluepay some years ago but ultimately went with because of the very complicated PCI compliance rules bluepay had.


I’m honestly amazed at the range and amount of fees associated with ACH transactions. We have been using Intuit (via Quick Books Online) and it is free. Of the options that work with Sonar, I am anywhere from $10 / month in fees and $.20 per transaction up to $30 month in fees and $.75 per transaction.

I feel like this is an industry that needs more disruption. We only do ~$2500 / month in ACH but I’m not willing to ask customers who have that auto-pay set up with us to switch to something else. There is no better way to loose your auto pay customers than to shut down their current system that works…

So far, is still my cheapest option and it kills me to pay that much each month in fees so they have the privilege to charge me more.

I’ll stick with Stripe for credit cards, they seem to have the best rates and no MRC fees but Sonar won’t do ACH with them…


Well, we went down the road with CardConnect. Have not even gotten approved from underwriting yet. They are now telling me I have to provide copies of my “required FCC license” to get underwriting approval. Clearly, they have classified us incorrectly somewhere in the system but they can’t figure out where. Been at this for a week now.

Nothing is easy with the banks. I really look forward to Sonar integrating with some “new” modern on-line transaction companies that handle CC and ACH transactions. Stripe was a done deal except I can’t do ACH with them and Sonar - which we need to be able to process.


We just switched from IPPay to BluePay and ended up saving about $240/month. They’re familiar with Sonar and honestly that was the most frictionless setup I’ve ever had with a company. It was less than 24 hours from the time I talked to them to being able to actually use the service.

Stripe is awesome for many reasons (API, UI, etc) but their fees kill it for us. We’d have to pay about $500/month more in fees just to be able to use it.


BluePay’s PCI compliance is pretty industry standard and easy self-service. It takes me maybe an hour a year to stay compliant.


That wasn’t the case when I dropped them. It took days of calls and e-mails to clear up the fact that our webserver (hosted locally) had nothing to do with our billing system (FreshBooks hosted in the cloud). Every year, it was the same song and dance. We eventually found Stripe who does 100% of the PCI compliance. Since we never kept CC info, it was a no-brainer.