Accounts, Best Practices?


When a customer moves, what to do? Currently it is change current account address to new location. and pain painstakingly assign current inventory to a new placeholder account with the address. Which will now show a downed account in our monitoring software.
Now, this customer has a new account, his address history is gone. If we cannot remember off the top of our heads where his previous address is, we cannot associate the 2. Perhaps we could add some documentation, but i would expect the following:
Addresses should be separate objects. Inventory items assigned per address, vs just per account. Address histories for accounts, so that we can see where the person used to live. And then IP address history for addresses so that we can see an pulse history for that address.
Monitoring history should be based on IP address & address, vs just inventory item. Right now if we swap a troubled backhaul with a new inventory item with the same IP address we would have lost at least 3-4 months of monitoring data. which is useful to check new data vs old data.
These are just my thoughts, but they are really cutting into our support personnel time, and even into installer’s time.


This is how it works in v2.


Excellent, I just keep waiting to see the feature sets. Hoping to have a lot of our frustrations resolved.


We’re doing a webinar on the 5th and we’ll have a full demo shortly thereafter.


What’s the eta on this?


Any update yet on V2??


Still bringing people into it slowly. If you want to be on the list to move first, please let support know!