Account Mass Email Issue


Sent a mass email under account, selected “where in GROUP” and sent email. Apparently it will send to everyone in that group - even if they have status of inactive.

I wanted to verify, are the filters considered in multiples - such as

where group = X
where status = active

or are the filters individual where the clause would be “group OR status”


Yes the filter does considered all variables If you select a group filter and an active filter it will only send it to costumers in that group and active.


it would seem that there is both an “OR” and “AND” methodology where the OR is all choices within the same type as shown below

where group = X OR group = Y
where status = active OR status = lead


Yes - that’s the only way that makes sense in my head (otherwise they’d be no way to group filters, and no way to use multiple filters of the same type.)

I believe this is in the documentation on the mass email page also, but I’ll check.


Hi - this is an area that we’d like to see some improvement on.
Specifically, we’re looking for a NOT operator so we can exclude account groups or service types.


Did you submit this into the feature request tool already? That is the best place to post feature requests, so we can track them and get other feedback on them!