Ability to stop a 'delinquent' email being triggered for overdue amounts under, say, $10


Having an email sent that counts down to the day we will turn off their internet. Great feature,

Until the customer comes in angry, that they were forced to drive 30+ KM and come in over $0.16 cents. (many of our customers still pay by cheque and transaction fees for cc processing are %+$ per transaction and doesnt make financial sense.)

Talking with Sonar support, they ask that you put in a line in the delinquent email that states “If this amount is under $x then disregard this email” This is NOT an option and is extremely poor customer service. All you are doing is asking them to ignore all future correspondence from you and creating bad habits by avoiding the real problem.

If you are having a problem with this in sonar please support this request in receptive.io Hopefully we can get this seemingly non trivial but relationship harming problem out of the way already.

Fran Brodel created this request 7 months ago

The following feature is currently available: ‘Minimum amount an invoice must be delinquent to be charged a late fee ($)’, which is good. However it would be helpful to have a ‘Minimum amount an invoice must be delinquent BEFORE A ‘DELINQUENT’ EMAIL IS SENT’. We have had several customers outraged because they’ve received what they perceive as ‘threatening’ emails for amounts due less than $10.