Ability to "hard close" tickets


We need the system to have the ability to “hard close” tickets after a certain amount of time. We are finding that clients do not open a new ticket, they simply search their inbox and reply to a previous ticket. The subjects aren’t often the same either. It could be a technical support request to a previous billing email, sales email, or something else.

If we could hard close tickets, and have the system require them to open a new ticket for a new incident, it would be very helpful.


I concur. Perhaps an automatic response saying this ticket was closed do you want to make a new ticket? email support@


Would you want to do this manually or after X time?


I was thinking “progessive”.

Soft close like we do now in the event it needs to get reopened soon, then be able to set a hard close after X days. Many systems have an automatic “There’s been no activity on this ticket in X days. Closing ticket.”

Admittedly, it is not very often that after we close ticket that there is a valid reason for the client to re-open it.


I’ve added this to our internal feature request board for the team to look at and discuss.