1.7.9 changelog


The customer account number is now left justified, space filled instead of left justified, zero filled.

Percentage of Bandwidth Emails
Fixed a condition that could prevent the ‘Percentage of Bandwidth’ triggered emails from sending.

RADIUS Updates
Improved the RADIUS session update logic when using RADIUS disconnects.

Invoice Attachments
Invoice attachments were not included in automatically emailed invoices.

Baicells MAC Address Generation
When using soft DHCP assignments, Sonar will now calculate the Baicells IMSI from the MAC address provided by the DHCP server.

FreeRADIUS ‘radcheck’ Table
When Sonar synchronizes a FreeRADIUS database, the only elements that will be deleted from the ‘radcheck’ table are those where the attribute is ‘Cleartext-Password’. This will have no impact on you if you are not modifying this table for your own use. However, this means you can now safely insert other values into the ‘radcheck’ table externally without Sonar interfering with them.

Portal Usernames
You can now delete a customer portal username, which will remove customer portal access for that contact.

Job Custom Fields
When entering data into a job custom field, the data was not visible until the page was reloaded or the job was updated.

Form 477 Report
We have added an option to generate this report in ‘California Public Utilities Commission’ format, which uses the full 15 digit census block in the subscription report.

Contacts API Endpoint
The contacts API endpoint now returns null if there are no phone numbers on a contact, rather than an empty array.

Calendar Events
Events pushed to external calendars have additional linebreaks added for better clarity.

Ticket Emails
When sending a ticket reply to a customer, ‘Re:’ is only prepended to the subject line when the message is not an initial outbound communication.

Call Logs
You can now start a call log from a ticket.

Job Scheduling/Services
Using the ‘Set Schedule’ option on a job in the queue via the scheduling interface would remove any services from the job that were associated.