1.7.6 changelog


Inventory Item Monitoring
IP addresses placed directly on an inventory item will now be used for status monitoring. Previously, only IPs associated with a MAC or IMSI on the item would be used to update the item status.

Inline File Opening
Only PDFs and images (JPG, GIF, PNG) are now opened in browser. All other file downloads are forced to download, rather than attempting to render in the browser.

IP Lookup API Endpoint
Fixed documentation for IP lookup API endpoint.

Geofence Notes
Geofences notes now save successfully.

Mailchimp Integration
Mailchimp integration is finally fixed. Third time’s a charm!

Ticket CCs
When CC’ing multiple parties on tickets, all recipients are now publicly shown to each other in the received email so that ‘Reply All’ can be used.

Inventory Searching
Using the general search in inventory for strings that look like MAC addresses, but are not MAC addresses, will now properly return results where that string is set.

Inventory CSV Export
The inventory CSV export now contains two new columns - whether or not an item has been consumed, and when it was consumed.

Invoiced Revenue by Service Type
Fixed the account type showing in the ‘Service’ column.

RADIUS Sessions
Sonar will now pull new RADIUS session information 10 seconds after a disconnect, rather than waiting for the usual 60 second cycle.