1.7.5 changelog


Preseem Integration
If Preseem integration is enabled under System > Integrations > Preseem, Sonar will now read the status of your access points from Preseem and display ‘Red’, ‘Yellow’, or ‘Green’ next to each access point to show what the Preseem status is.

RADIUS Disconnects
RADIUS disconnect packets now include the Framed-IP-Address attribute.

Network Site Height
Network site height is now stored with more precision to eliminate conversion errors. You will need to update your network site height for this change to have any effect.

Inventory Field Searches
Searching a specific inventory field for a value that looks like a MAC address but is not a MAC address will no longer fail to return matching results.

Saisei Integration
Sonar will automatically resynchronize a Saisei device if it returns a resync request.

Mailchimp Integration
Fixed the Mailchimp integration triggering a Content Security Policy violation warning on first activation.

Invoiced Revenue Report
Added ‘Account Type’ to the invoiced revenue report.

Past Due Ticket Notifications
If only a single ticket is past due, the notification will now include a link to the ticket.

Contract Templates
The first name and last name variables are now replaced with the contact name.

Multiple overlapping schedules for the same day and tech with different geofences could cause jobs to not be allowed to be scheduled in valid times.

Scheduling Timeline
The scheduling timeline is now pinned to the top while scrolling down through technicians.

Poller Subnets
When adding or editing a poller, the subnets listed are now ordered by IP rather than name.

Ticket Category Filtering
There is now an option to only show tickets with no category set in the ticket filters.


Simon, does the Preseem integration work with Telrad ENBs? Since the ENBs themselves don’t support SNMP, I could add them to Pulse for ICMP monitoring, but would need to figure out how to map them back from Preseem into Pulse. (I assume they’re in Preseem by ENB ID, but haven’t checked this yet. Will talk to Scot.)


I’m not sure, the integration we added is simply to extract data from Preseem. Since we can’t link up the CPE to the ENBs in Sonar, I’m guessing it’d have to be manual in Preseem as well.


Aterlo says ENB management IP.

Is there any way to do an ICMP-only monitoring template for Pulse? I see it’s possible to do an SNMP-only template; we ran into this previously with Telrad CPEs.

As Telrad ENB and EPCs will never support SNMP, I’d like to at least track up/down via ICMP.