1.7.34 changelog

MikroTik 6.45.x Firmware
Updated MikroTik integration to support the API changes made in 6.45.x MikroTik firmware.

ZubieCar Integration
Fixed a bug that could cause ZubieCar integration to fail to update vehicle locations.

MikroTik Integration
Fixed a bug that could cause error notifications to be generated if a comment could not be saved on an address list entry.

Fixed auto pay display on invoices sent to MailXStream.

If we upgrade will this break Mikrotik API on routers with Firmware older than 6.45.x?

No, it’s backwards compatible, at least to the latest long term release - we didn’t test way back, but we tested on 6.44 (which is the current LTS.)

Checked the MikroTik changelog, looks like it’s backwards compatible to 6.43.x. Will not work with earlier.

It was not mentioned anywhere. Can someone help us downgrade sonar instance? It will take us long to upgrade all production routers

Jay, looks like support is helping you out… let me know if you don’t get what you need.


Yes. Support did a great job. Thank you. Its just, it was a big change and it was not mentioned anywhere except in the community

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