1.7.3 changelog


PayGate Payment Processor
Added the PayGate payment processor as a credit card processing option for South Africa.

DOCSIS Integration
Sonar will no longer synchronize inventory models that are not flagged for DOCSIS provisioning to the DOCSIS provisioning server.

Service Deactivation
Service deactivation is no longer blocked if the service was associated with a deleted package.

Alerting Rotations
Alerting rotations were always evaluated in the UTC timezone when sending alerts.

MailXStream Print Batches
The count of invoices shown on the print batch history is no longer doubled due to the metadata files in MailXStream print batches.

RADIUS Framed Routes
RADIUS framed routes will now always have a CIDR subnet appended, even if a single /32 is being routed.

KML Export
The KML export now contains account names in a format that Google Earth understands.

Job Creation in Ticket
Disabled job creation on tickets with no entities, since this is not possible. Also fixed using ‘Schedule Now’ when creating a job via a ticket.

Find Available Space via API
Updated the ‘find_any_available_space’ endpoint documentation to show that it requires an entity and entity ID due to geofencing improvements.

Jobs and Contracts
Contracts sent to customers that include a list of services will now also include services on unclosed jobs. This allows services on jobs to be included on the contract service list, when triggering a contract during job addition.

RADIUS Session History
Fixed RADIUS session history pagination

Pulse Layout
Made some improvements to the Pulse layout algorithm.