1.7.24 changelog

Avalara Client Profile ID
Sonar now supports setting a client profile ID when configuring Avalara integration. Do not enter a profile ID here unless instructed by Avalara, as it will cause your tax lookups to fail.

Avalara State Exclusions
The tax calculation method page now allows you to exclude specific states from taxation if you are using Avalara.

Next Recurring Charge
The estimated next recurring charge value shown on an account is now accurate for services with multiple quantities. Previously, it was added taxes too many times.

Avalara Tax Exemptions
Sonar now supports precise tax exemptions for users of the Avalara tax engine. Account billing parameters now have the option to exempt customers from specific types of taxes, rather than a global tax exemption. If you are using Avalara, please make sure you update any existing tax exempt customers and select the appropriate exemptions for them after applying this update.

Procera v20 API
Added support for the Procera v20 API.