1.7.20 changelog

CDR Rating
833 has been added as a toll free prefix.

Flat Rate Taxes
Taxes with a flat rate rather than a percentage application now properly respect service quantity. The ‘Next Recurring Charge’ value on the account also properly reflects the charge amount for multi-month billing with flat rate taxes.

A loss of configuration on a Saisei inline device will now be automatically detected by Sonar, resulting in a rewrite of customer data.

Service Removal Proration
When the ‘Invoice date different than billing date’ option was enabled on an account, and both ‘Day to generate invoices for’ and ‘Day billing runs’ were the same, deleting a service the same day it billed would result in a discount being applied for double the service charge.

Triggered Emails
Triggered emails that send X days before an invoice becomes delinquent would be suppressed if the account had any payment methods on it. It should have been suppressed if the account had an automatic payment method and auto pay had not yet been attempted.

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