1.7.16 changelog

Procera 19.0.x
Fixed Sonar reporting that the firmware version was too low when using 19.0.x firmware.

Account Service Metadata Webhook
The object_id property of the account.servicemetadata.updated webhook now contains the account ID rather than null.

Spanish Invoice
Some text was still in English when using the Spanish invoice.

Next Recurring Charge
The estimated ‘Next Recurring Charge’ display on the account overview now uses the same logic for tax exemptions as the billing process. Previously, this calculation would subtract the exemption amount from each month rather than subtracting it from the total.

Mimosa Autoconfiguration
The ‘Mimosa-DeviceName-Parameter’ attribute is now set to the account name and account ID.

Improved the implementation of the Telrad REST API.

Payments/Discounts Applied Report
The payment detail table did not take the date range selected into account, and instead, showed all payments applied.

Services API Endpoint
The service create/read/update API endpoints now support viewing and setting account groups on services.

Contract Variables
The variable that inserts a service list into the contract now respects name and price overrides.

Job Scheduled Triggered Emails
When scheduling a job, the ‘Job Scheduled’ triggered emails were not always sent.

Device Parent/Child Mappings
Fixed a bug that prevented the parent/child information from updating in some cases.

Canada 80 Byte ACH Format
Updated the Canada 80 byte ACH format to be compatible with TD bank.

Companies with long names could cause the return address on the remittance slip to be pushed outside the left boundary of the return envelope window.

Custom Fields
Custom fields are now sorted by name.

Currency Formatting
Currency formatting when using a comma as the decimal separator now properly shows 2 decimal places rather than 4.

Job Filtering
When filtering jobs on the scheduling view, the paginator is now reset to page 1 to prevent you from being left on an empty page due to filtering restrictions.