1.7.14 changelog

Procera API
Updated the Procera integration to support 19.0.0.

When charging a card with CardConnect, the address information is now sent during charging, as well as during tokenization. This enables address verification for CardConnect.

Expiring Cards Report
The expiring cards report now shows the account status.

Inventory Item Deployment Types
Inventory item deployment types can now be set via the API.

Deposit Slip
The deposit slip now shows a check total separately from the cash total.

RADIUS Credentials
Added an option for RADIUS credentials in triggered emails.

Spanish Invoice Template
There is now a Spanish invoice template available under Financial > Invoice Configuration.

Account Group Restricted Services
Account group restricted services were sometimes hidden during job creation when they should not have been.

Preseem Link
If you have Preseem integration enabled, any customer active in Preseem will now have a link to open Preseem directly to view that account.