1.7.12 changelog


Invoiced Revenue by Service
The invoiced revenue by service report now sorts properly on the ‘Service’ column.

64Bit Interface Counters
The automatic SNMP interface graphing now uses 64bit counters when they are available. You must be running the latest poller version for this to work. These counters will replace any existing 32bit data.

Invoiced Revenue
The invoiced revenue report now has a column that shows the total unique subscribers that were billed for a service.

Ticket Sorting
Tickets can be sorted by due date.

Schedule Now
Fixed the ‘Schedule Now’ option on a job when used via the Sonar menu at the top left.

Network Site IP Assignments API Endpoint
The data returned from this endpoint now mirrors the structure of the data returned from the account IP assignments endpoint.

Job Completion Data via API
Job completion data is now available via the API.

Avalara Tax Integration
When using the Avalara tax type ‘VoIP/Access Charge’ for a voice service, Sonar will now automatically submit the number of lines using the ‘VoIP/Lines’ tax type, based on the quantity of services on the account.

Google Calendar Events
Added more formatting helpers for Google calendar events to preserve linebreaks.