1.7.10 changelog


Transactions by General Ledger Code Report
Fixed an bug that would partially prevent this report from loading on systems with over 100,000 invoices.

Fixed an issue where some systems would not synchronize contacts to Mailchimp if certain merge fields were missing.

Night Theme
Fixed an issue in the latest Chrome release that could cause the navigation bar to disappear in Sonar when the night theme was applied.

Mass Inventory Item Delete
Inventory items could not be bulk deleted if any of them were the parent of another inventory item in Pulse.

Credit Card CVV
When adding a credit card to Sonar, the CVV (3/4 digit code on the back of the card) is now required. This is a breaking change to the API - if you are using the API to create credit cards in Sonar, you must update your integration to collect and supply the CVV value. This change is due to new Visa requirements coming into effect in October.

RADIUS Group Membership
If you had multiple RADIUS accounts on a single customer account, each RADIUS account could receive the attributes from groups that the other accounts were part of.